Library Introduction

    The Chaozhou Library consists of two sub-libraries, the first sub-library (The Xie Hui Ru Library) and the second sub-library (under construction). The Predecessor of the first sub-library----The Xie Hui Ru Library is Chaoan Library, an independent organization since 1961. The library now in use is the first sub-library, which is built in the spring of 1992 and located in the center of the ancient cultural city of Chaozhou. The first phase of its construction was funded by the Municipal Government of Chaozhou and the second phase of the construction was completed with the donation from Mr. Xie Huiru, a leading Chinese inThailand. To honor Mr. Xie Huiru for his patriotism, the Municipal Government decided to name the library “the Xie Hui Ru Library”.

      The library has a construction area of 4,800 square meters and a collection of 300,000 books.  It includes lending department, newspaper and magazine department, children’s books department, digital library, reference and consultation department, celebrity donors department and local documents department. It receives more than 300,000 visitors annually and has been awarded “Civilized Library” by the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province.

      In the modernization of the library, computer management is introduced throughout the collection, editing and circulating process. China Digital Library Chaozhou Xie Hui Ru Sub-library, Guangdong Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project Chaozhou Xie Hui Ru Library grassroots center were established to carry out electronic information services. In the development of the collection of books and information sources, the library focuses on the construction of the Chaoshan local documents base, connecting Chaoshan culture with other parts of the country and the world, and has established long-term and stable communication with experts and scholars from Chaozhou and Chao culture enthusiast.  With more and more documents about Chaoshan and books by Chaozhou natives being collected from at home and abroad, the library now has the ancient and modern Chaoshan documents of more than 10,000 volumes, and endeavors to build database of Chaoshan local documents.